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Notfallprotokoll #1 – Black bears are sometimes brown and some grizzlies almost black.

12. Juni 2010

If you do encounter a bear and it doesn’t see you, move a safe distance downwind and make noise to alert it to your presence. If the bear sees you, slowly back out of its path, avoid eye contact, speak softly and wave your hands above your head slowly. Never turn your back to the bear and never kneel down. If a bear charges, do not run and do not scream (which may frighten the bear and make it more aggressive), because the bear may only be charging as a bluff.  Drop to the ground, crouch face down in a ball and play dead, covering the back of your neck with your hands and your chest and stomach with your knees. Do not resist the bear’s inquisitive pawing – it may get bored and go away.

If a bear attacks you in your tent at night, you’re likely dealing with a predatory bear that perceives you as a food source. In this extremely rare scenario, you should fight back aggressively with anything you can find; don’t play dead.

[Becca Blond, Lonely Planet Canada, 2005]